Some Other Scotland - Ep23 - Swine Flu

Swine Flue

This Week:

  • Erica and Tania arrive in New York.
  • Harald finds the message.
  • Andy's gig is cancelled.
  • Craig gets no chance to relax.

This week’s news story:

Swine flu postpones Singing Kettle visit

changed to the alternative:

Kettle affected by quarantine

The West Coast town of Dunoon has been officially quarantined this week, as one of two hotspots for swine flu in Scotland. The local hospital has already been supplied with a large quantity of flu medications and local politicians are stressing that people should not panic. The quarantine prevents people entering or leaving the town for the next week, initially. The Singing Kettle show at the Queen’s Hall has been postponed and all schools in the area closed. The situation will be reviewed at the end of the week and the quarantine extended if necessary.

Further Information

BBC News - Read the original story.

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