Some Other Scotland - Ep12 - UFO


This Week:

  • Erica keeps attention away from the village.
  • Razer comes to a decision about his future.
  • Tania takes Erica on an unusual trip.

This week’s news story:

Pitlochry's UFO taken seriously by MOD

changed to the alternative:

Harrier pilots didn't see UFO

Documents about UFO sightings, recently released by the Ministry of Defence, include details of photographs showing a large diamond-shaped UFO hovering above a harrier jet. Commenting on the released information, the MOD clarified their earlier statement by saying that although jets were operating in the area, the pilots saw nothing and flight records showed no unusual activity was encountered.

Further information

The Kitchener Memorial on Orkney.

Read the copies of the UFO reports released by the MOD (see p157 for the Pitlochry incident).

Find the short story spin-off from SOS about Sarah Fullarton (from episode 2) at Great Hites #58.

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Some Other Scotland - Ep11 - Safe Conduct

Safe Conduct

This Week:

  • Tania and Erica work on a plan.
  • Sykes and Hayston visit Charles and make another link.
  • Razer causes a little more than a shaving cut.

This week’s news story:

Demands for return of letter to Wallace

changed to the alternative:

Wallace letter taken

The letter of Safe Conduct, sent to William Wallace by the King of France, has been stolen from the National Archives in London. Scottish MPs had recently been calling for the return of the letter to Scotland, as one of the few remaining possessions of Wallace in existence. The letter was found on him when he was captured at Robroyston and taken to London.

Personal Effects: Dark Art

Some time ago I featured a promo for J.C. Hutchins' Personal Effects: Dark Art in the podcast. The book is now available and it's more than just a book: it comes with a collection of 'personal effects' that provide clues that add to the story in a way that word alone cannot. Intrigued? Here's a video featuring some people who have already read the book. If this doesn't grab your attention then probably nothing will!

Some Other Scotland - Ep10 - Underground

Abbey Road

This Week:

  • Tania lets Erica in on some ancient secrets.
  • Malcolm has to clear the tracks for his train .
  • Razer comes across an unusual item in the tunnel.

This week’s news story:

Cracks in the underground

changed to the alternative:

Disrupted subway service resumes

Normal service has been resumed on the Glasgow subway system following the discovery of a body in the tunnel between the West Street and Bridge Street stations. Damage to the tunnel wall has now been repaired and clearance of rubble from the tracks completed. Police have not yet identified the dead man.

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Short promo for 'Heaven' season 5: WAR by Mur Lafferty.