Some Other Scotland - Ep34 - Witness

This Week:

Some Other Scotland - Ep33 - Banishment

This Week:

  • Harald learns the truth about his father's legacy and the involvement of Eremon.
  • The truck carrying the remains of the Merk arrives at its destination with an extra passenger.

Some Other Scotland - Ep32 - Family Tree

This Week:

  • Calum shows Sykes his research and how it affects the case.

Some Other Scotland - Ep31 - Parchment

This Week:

  • Charles learns more about the mysterious parchment from his jacket.
  • Erica keeps guard, but must act fast.

Some Other Scotland - Ep30 - Conkers


This Week:

This week’s news story:
Conker competition cancelled
changed to the alternative:
Conkers enter protected category
A combination of factors, including disease and a lack of pollination has led to the horse chestnut tree being added to the list of protected plant life. Recent surveys have shown only a few hundred of the trees had given fruit this year, in comparison to thousands only three years ago. This has already resulting in the cancellation of the Scottish Conker Championships, due to be held in Peebles this year.

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